How to use this NLP hack for success

Sit comfortably

Imaging the future before you as an ever-expanding triangle, full of color and possibility.

Allow this triangle be very vibrant along with the colors.

Turn up the colors brightly.

Imagine your past going off the triangle behind

Spend a few moments considering the future you want and what you might do to achieve it.

Imagine yourself far in the future when you’ve created and are living in the life that you want

What do you see, hear and feel?

Fully associate into the image and take time to enjoy the feelings.

Really feel into the emotions.

Next, Dissociate

Step outside yourself, and watch yourself in that future time.

From this viewpoint, list the three key elements that helped you get there.

Move halfway back to the present

What did you do to master those three elements?

What could you do to further improve upon what you did?

Come back to the present

What could you do now to start introducing those elements?

Imagine yourself introducing those into your life.

Imagine yourself moving forward, overcoming any possible blocks that might get in your way, and picking up additional resources, until you meet and exceed your original outcome.

What advice does the future you have?

From the time of having achieved your objective, what advice would you give your younger (present) self?

Start again from the present.

Move to the future, this time taking account of the advice you’ve given yourself.

Thank yourself for taking the time to invest in the planning of your future.

Do this hack daily…it doesn’t take more than 5-15 minutes a day.

Your future is waiting for you in the present moment.

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