Oh, have I got a story for you!

A story of finding my purpose amidst COVID 19.

In an instant—everything changed. It was on the phone talking to my mentor, when it hit me. This wasn’t an option, it was a calling. An unshakable feeling down to my heart and soul that I had to share my passion for entrepreneurship with the world.

I had no idea, in that moment, that my life would change forever.

Or even more shockingly, just how much it would change. I had a “real come to Jesus moment in April 2020” after almost losing my husband to what we believed was COVID.

In March of 2020, my husband fell deathly ill with Pneumonia.

He was dripping sweat head to toe for 4 weeks straight. At that time the hospitals would not see patients because of COVID so the only appointments he would have were by video with the doctor. He had 3 rounds of antibiotics, X-Rays, CAT scans, pain meds, cough syrup with codeine all in that short period of time.

Yet he was still so sick.

It was not looking good. I prayed like a mad woman and hoped he would survive this sickness. It was frightening because he had lost over 20 lbs and know one could save him except Jesus. I continued to give him elderberry syrup, vitamin B, C, D, turmeric, ginger, and club soda.

At day 18 Kaiser finally gave him a COVID test.

The test made him feel like he had his brain stabbed, prodded and scrambled up like whisked eggs. The test was negative, but reading all the scientific articles that I had. I learned that a test that late in the game was not going to show positive for COVID.

Honestly, I didn’t care about a test, or COVID.

I cared that he would survive. To make matters worse I thought he would lose his job for being so sick for that long and letting his region, go to the wayside.

But he did not lose his job instead he had lost his mind.

By the time he was finally able to get out of bed and walk around or go to the store the world was in full COVID land. He was not able to wrap his head around the fact that he had fallen ill in early March and by April the world had gone to poop. Not to mention we were in debt due to medical expenses.

Thank God we had health insurance.

We had the basic plan so all of the tests, X-Rays, CAT Scans, video appointments, and prescriptions added up to thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses. He struggled with severe depression and with every day he struggled I knew I would need to work that much harder in my business to get clients. We both hit rock bottom.

I knew I had to help my ideal clients to solve their problems because that would help me to stave off my depression and pay off the doctor bills.

So I went to work and began building my business coaching services. I was dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs launch, grow and scale their businesses. I would teach them how to create and sell a high ticket signature system. On this journey to helping others my depression finally lifted. Then my husband’s began to also disappear.

I am so happy that I get to wake up everyday to help my soul mate clients live their dream lives.

I would love to see if I can help you launch, grow or scale your business with high tickets sales. You have no obligation and this call is 100% FREE and I will help you with strategies for your business. See you on the call gorgeous. https://calendly.com/lovinarobinson/breakthrough

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