The Secret to Create and Package Your Irresistible Offers

The Secret to Create and Package Your Irresistible Coaching Offers is a skillset you want and need in your business. You’ve worked hard to create a well-branded coaching website that makes you invaluable to your perfect client. You are now focusing on content, consistency and planning to maintain a highly visible profile. You’ll soon have your visitors eager to work with you, looking for ways to do so—so let’s make sure we come up with some powerful coaching packages and product ideas.

But first, there is one essential step you have to take…


Before you rush to create programs and offers, you will need to put some research and thought into your potential client’s budget.

You need only answer two questions:

  1. Is this a fixed figure? That is, will you always only work with people whose income range is well above six figures?
  2. Or is your client on a journey: One that will see her start out in one income bracket and progress to a higher bracket?

If your answer was (a):

Focus on high end packages, such as:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Elite coaching
  • Mastermind coaching

You can also branch out, as Kristen Eckstein does with her Book Ninja brand, and offer complete “done-for-you” services, from A to Z. (Strictly speaking, this is not under the umbrella of “coaching,” but there is no reason you can’t fast-track clients by setting them up with services that will get them in business quickly and professionally—and it can be very lucrative, since you will charge top price for the convenience.)

If your answer was (b):

  1. Determine at what income bracket your ideal client is starting out
  2. Determine where she is likely to end up
  3. Create a range of products and packages priced accurately for each stage, to help her get from her particular A to her particular Z

This range of products could include:

  • Public (large group) membership site or forum
  • Books
  • Workbooks
  • Worksheets
  • Recordings
  • Videos
  • On-demand webinars
  • Email mini-courses
  • “Lite” versions of your more expensive packages
  • One-off “strategy sessions”

All of these can be made affordable to the lowest end of your client financial spectrum—but all should prime and position your purchasers to:

  • Achieve the next level of success
  • Be able to choose your higher-end packages and products


Your delivery system is another factor to consider. Where do you shine best? What feels most natural to you and—more important—what do clients seem to achieve the most satisfaction with?

  • One-on-one in person sessions
  • Elite group in-person sessions
  • One-on-one Elite or Mastermind coaching
  • Mastermind retreats for a small number of clients

How you deliver can also affect your ease of delivery: For example, if you hate telephone coaching, but love being able to see people and work face to face, gauging their body language and reactions, then one-on-one video coaching via Skype or Zoom is a great way to achieve the connection of “in-person” sessions.

You can offer one-on-one coaching:

  • By email
  • By telephone
  • Via video
  • In person
  • Whats App

Or any combination of the above. (It also depends on your client’s preferences and comfort level, too!)

You can approach coaching small or large groups the same way:

  • Webinar
  • Teleseminar
  • Google+ Hangout
  • At a Mastermind Retreat
  • At a large, live event

And remember that you can also team up with other coaches and experts at large live events, offering a combination of delivery styles and coaching offerings:

  • Promote your book
  • Offer a limited number of one-on-one sessions
  • Give a classroom-sized group session
  • Join in a round-table panel discussion
  • Give a keynote speech

How to Test the Waters:

If you want to test out various delivery systems, first do so locally.

  • Offer a workshop to your community niche members or local business groups
  • Volunteer to “donate” a class or offer a day of one-hour sessions

Here’s what you’ll get out of it (besides the joy of helping your neighbors and business peers):

  • Include a “feedback form” as part of your donated time, asking participants to comment on specific things they:

    • Liked—or didn’t like
    • Got—or didn’t get (and wanted)
    • Felt comfortable—or uncomfortable—with

  • Tell your participants about the form at the beginning of your session or presentation, so they know it will be coming. Specifically ask them to stick around at the end of the session and fill in your short feedback form.

  • Elect a volunteer from the audience to hand the forms out at break time (if you are speaking to a group of people)

  • Remind people to fill the feedback form out at the end of your session.

Keep your questions short and easy to answer.

You can also offer one-on-one sessions by telephone, Zoom, Skype and in person as a prize, during your donated event. (Just be sure you are observant with local laws on contest types and prizes.

All this provides you with great market research, experience and confidence before you commit yourself too much further on specific delivery models.

It also helps you to begin right at local, grass-roots level to take one more important action…

Now let’s get to the real meat of this section: How to create and package your irresistible offers.


Just as we saw there is more than one type of coaching delivery system, we also saw there is more than one way to combine them. Rather than offering simple “sessions,” you can put these into special offers and package deals to maximize your profits even more.

Creating a package deal can encourage your clients to commit to paying as much as twenty-five per cent extra at the time of purchase.

If you package this correctly, it should feel as if you have done your client a huge favor, providing more for less.

(In other words, you both win!)

You can sweeten your offers with “extras” like fast-action bonuses and early-bird discounts.


Note that she sweetens the deal by offering not just the retreat itself, but also by pointing out that the retreat includes all-inclusive meals, snacks and beverages, plus a hand-picked group for instant and long-lasting camaraderie.

And that’s on top of the relaxing, private beachfront location.

Coach Kelly McCausey employs similar smart tactics with her annual Exposure and Profit event. For example, in the early phase of publicizing the next event, she offers an enticingly low price of $197.00 for early registrants—for anyone who’s been to an E&P event, that’s a no-brainer for sure.

She allows people to get a taste of what it was like to be there by providing a link to event feedback—much of it given at the event itself, by top experts and by presenters and attendees alike.

Kelly McCausey also upped the value of her two live mastermind events by adding recognized niche experts—themselves top coaches and teachers. Participants were exposed to multiple expert perspectives, teachings and tips, both in group settings and in the impromptu, one-on-one discussions that naturally occur when a group of people with like interests are put together.

And it goes without saying that she supports her mastermind events with Facebook Pages and groups and other social networking promotion. This helps keep her community enthusiastic and her retreats alive all year round (as well as spreading the buzz and growing more potential participants).


This is the type of thinking you need to apply to every offer in your sales funnel. You have to get out of the habit of thinking:

  • Product + Landing page = OFFER

Instead, you need to think of it on a sliding scale: The higher the ticket price, the more you need to add social proof; added-value tailored options such as payment plans (not for every coach); high-value extra products and special offers—all while tailoring these exactly to your perfect client.

You need to think in terms of:

  • Product + Landing Page + Options + Upgrades + Proof = OFFER

In short, you don’t just need a series of offers or products: You need a professionally-planned and researched sales funnel, starting with ways to attract your broadest audience, and ending up with your high-end options such as one-on-one coaching and deluxe, all-inclusive retreats.

Your sales funnel needs to be based on informed thinking and research that allows you to predict:

  • The life cycle of your average client—will your client make it all the way through to your high-end offers?
  • Her income range—at what point in the funnel does she have to financially opt out?
  • Retention strategies—can you prolong her stay in your funnel? Offer payment options? Demonstrate the return on any further investment will outweigh current sacrifices?
  • Exactly what will bond her to you and cause her to stay?

As simple a problem as not allowing her to pay through PayPal (or, conversely, by credit card) can cause early exits.

A bonus offering to include a copy of your signature Kindle book can tip the scales towards purchases.


When you brainstorm products and offers for your coaching business, brainstorm as many as possible. Write them down—no matter how wild they may seem. Then go through the list and think of your ideal client. Imagine her reacting to each offer. When you get one that clicks, think of:

  • What might put her off
  • What might cause her to click the “Buy” button

Come up with a unique angle or tap into a hidden market, as Kelly McCausey did with her Beachpreneur retreats event when she labeled these “introvert friendly” tailored these towards entrepreneurs with confidence issues (on top of the already-inspired, lifestyle-at-the-beach setting!)

Finally, give them recognizable, great names that mean something emotionally—like “Beachpreneurs.”

Your offers should stand out from your competitors’ offers, by being unique and having a strong identity.

If you need support in creating and packaging your offer book a FREE Strategy Session where I can help you with creating your offer. You do not have to buy anything on this call. The session will help you get clear on your offer.

XO, Lovina

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