What is a Signature System® and How it Can Help You Scale to 6-Figures Quickly

Think of your Signature System® as organizing your unique process, step by step. Each step has clearly defined outcomes — or results — along the way.

When prospective clients see the solution to their problem with clarity like this, they feel understood, they feel excited and they feel a tremendous amount of confidence that you can help them.

Your Signature System®

  • Makes your expertise highly marketable
  • Makes your expertise easy for your ideal clients to understand and want to hire you for
  • Is an easy way to take the beautiful work you do with clients and put them into a sequence
  • Makes it easy for you to talk about what you do
  • Makes it easy for your ideal clients to get excited about how you can help them
  • Is a dynamic, essential element of building your business
  • Is easy to create
  • Has the potential to radically transform your business

Frequently Asked Questions Your Clients Have About Signature System®

 “Can I have more than one Signature System®?”

  • Yes! Firstly, focus on having your CORE Signature System®
  • Secondly, start marketing it, and see where additional Signature Systems® may benefit you
  • Thirdly, each step within your core Signature System® can eventually become their own Signature System®
  • Finally, you can create products, programs and services.

In conclusion, your clients can go through your core Signature System® over the course of the program with you, or they can experience just parts of your core Signature System® as you spin them off and offer them separately.

 “I don’t know how I can get everything I know or everything I know my clients need into a Signature System®…what do I do?”

  • Your Signature System® won’t include all of your knowledge, exercises or abilities
  • As a result, what’s important is to focus on only including basics for each step, so you don’t overwhelm yourself or your clients
  • Therefore, you’re an expert on your topic so there’s always going to be more you know how to do or can teach your clients

“I just do what I do and things happen. Every client is different… it depends.”

  • Most importantly, remember even if it FEELS like your coaching changes based on the specific situation of each client.
  • In conclusion, you’re most likely following a particular process with each person.

“What I do is so simple. Doesn’t everybody know this?”

  • No, they don’t know it, and they will LOVE that you are making everything so easy and step by step for them
  • Above all, remember that your clients want help pulling everything together, subsequently getting them inspired to implement and get into action
  • The tips or insights or knowledge you have that may seem small and obvious to YOU are not for your clients

“Am I going to get bored focusing on one Signature System® like this?”

  • The answer is no way! You have tons of creative energy – the key is how you channel and direct that energy
  • Furthermore, when you channel your energy into the many creative ways to offer, deliver and market your Signature System® you give your creativity tremendous purpose that will really pay off in your business

“Will people get bored hearing from me about the same thing all the time?”

  • What really happens is the opposite! You become this incredible expert at what you do
  • Subsequently, the success of your business is due to getting your message out to more and more people, and your Signature System® helps you do just that
  • Moreover, you get more and more masterful at showing people why they need what you do.
  • This mastery happens when you focus your energies consistently.
  • Finally, with the mastery you’ll gain, you will also feel a tremendous sense of confidence.

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