I have made all of the costly and time sucking mistakes a coach can make and then some...uggghh :)
I have failed numerous times and have had to drain my retirement as a teacher and principal just to hire marketing coaches, SEO gurus, website designers, graphic designers and mindset coaches for my business.  
After all of my failed attempts and draining my retirement accounts I have finally discovered what a coaching program requires to be successful as quickly as possible.  I will teach you how to create a high ticket offer using a signature system. 
I can help you to gain freedom and abundance without all of the money and time wasted.
Let me help you shave off years of unnecessary pain and struggle.  Let's work together to create an action plan and take your biz to the next level.
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to own a million dollar business so my family doesn't want for nothing and live in Costa Rica 1/2 time

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Bloody Mary with all of the fixins

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Get moving in your life and business because life will not wait for you

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Hot, even in hot weather, sweetened with half & half and honey

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I can show you how to fast track your coaching business whether you are a spiritual healer, weight loss coach, fitness coach, business coach, health coach, many service based industries and entrepreneurs, and visionaries who desire to start a business. 
I cannot help everyone, however, there is a good chance that I can help you.  I work best with women who are willing to go to work on their goals and put in the effort to achieve their dreams.  As much as we all want someone to build our business for us it just doesn't work like that.  So if you are ready to create a life of Freedom and Abundance I would love to support you Gorgeous and help your dreams become a reality.  If you would like to book a free breakthrough session. Here is my calendly link below >>>>>>>


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