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Do you ever wonder how to write positive affirmations? If so let’s begin to learn how to write affirmations to assist you in turning your goals and dreams into reality. Affirmations are so powerful and the two most powerful words in the Universe are “I Am.” So let’s dive in and create powerful affirmations to […]


21 Life Changing Questions To Get What You Want in Life Imagine finally removing the layers you’ve been wearing on top of each other for years and years. You’ve forgotten that some people consciously choose to live without seven layers of coats on-even though most people are living that way. Do you remember the possibilities […]


7 Steps of Vision Coaching Having a strong, clear vision is the cornerstone of coaching success – both for coaches and their clients. A great coach must not only have a  vision of their own; they must also be able to help their client or “PBC” (Person Being Coached) in developing theirs. The best visions […]


5 Steps to Living a Purposeful Life Even if you aren’t depressed and unhappy, defining your purpose can help you. Knowing who you are and what you want out of life can help you achieve more and be more. Are you living a purposeful life? One of the main factors involved in people who are […]


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